Education Services

Through our experience in our company (ANC) we found that students pursuing higher studies face great difficulties resulting in higher cost of study . We help students and their parents avoid such costs.

We provide consultations in the field of education which save money, time and effort. Through our consultation students are guided to the right direction of achieving the desired result of their education with minimal cost and at the shortest time possible. we provide our services on three steps.


Steps of Alnobala Education Services

Consultation services:

Helping students in choosing the right field of study and the right university/college that fits their interest an budget. Our personnel at our office will advice students according to their qualifications, their interest and financial ability.

Application processing :

When the students make their choice and decide the university/college they want to join our office will help them in getting offer letter from the respective university/college. This service will include:

Preparation of application.

Sending the application on behalf of the students.

Guiding students to travel in the most convenient and/or economical way.We insure that our clients will not face any hustle upon arrival or obtaining their student visa

Coordination of enrolment

After the students get their offer letter , our office will coordinate their enrolment. This service will include:

Pick up from the Airport.

Accompanying the students during registration period at the university.

Providing students all necessary information on accommodation (University hostels or private accommodations).